MOOC Design PatternsExplore, define and articulate the emerging design principles and patterns that underpin the development and delivery of massive open online courses, and to demonstrate them by the application to the design of new MOOCS. Mar 2014
OpenEducation ChallengeEuropean incubator for educational innovation. (Chief Scientist)Jan 2014
MOOCs for Web TalentA scoping study and proactive network of stakeholders aiming to foster web talent in the EU by encouraging the use of Massive Open Online Courses focused on web skills. (Head of Advisory Board)Nov 2013 
Campus QuestA location-based game for introducing prospective students to university life.Oct 2013 
Meeting teachers' co-design needs by means of Integrated Learning Environments /
The project METIS aims to contribute to the improvement of national in-service teacher training curricula (one of the EU Lisbon strategic goals) by offering high quality material for teachers' professional development on the use of modern learning techniques and tools that will focus on higher order skills and 21st century competencies. This will have a direct impact on the three educational sectors addressed in this project: adult education, vocational training and university education.
Nov 2012
the Learning Design Grid
Social and mobile technologies offer learners unprecedented opportunities to create, organise, share and access knowledge. Such technologies effect potent learning environments, yet these are constantly shifting with escalating complexity. In order for educators to effectively orchestrate learning within this landscape they need to perceive themselves, and indeed to be perceived by society, as techno-pedagogical designers. 
The aim of this STELLER network of excellence theme team is to produce a concise, comprehensive and accessible set of resources which will empower educators and learners to participate in design discourse and practices in technology enhanced learning (TEL).
Oct 2011


The Open Learning Design Studio MOOCThis free, open and online course (MOOC) has been designed with further and higher education professionals in mind - lecturers, qualification teams, awarding bodies, learning technologists, library and student support staff and learning and teaching specialists - but may also be of interest to teachers (or teachers to be) in secondary schools or informal/work based learning facilitators, in fact, anyone with an interest in curriculum and learning design. The course has been funded by JISC as part of a benefits realisation programme and is intended to build on the success of the Open University Learning Design Initiative (OULDI) and other JISC funded curriculum design and delivery projects.March 2012 - April 2013
Practical design patterns for teaching and learning with technology
(book co-editor)
The last decade has witnessed a growing acknowledgement of the design pattern paradigm for research and practice in the learning sciences. This book builds on this growing tradition, and specifically on the outputs of the Learning Patterns and Pattern Language Network projects. It adopts the participatory pattern-based methodology developed in the course of these projects to offer a set of themed solutions for practitioners. Each self-sustaining package includes a suite of tools comprising a set of case stories, related patterns and solutions in the form of future scenarios.
 Pre-print production
Participatory Pattern Workshops Resource KitThis document describes the methodology that has emerged from a series of workshops we have facilitated over several years. These workshops brought together practitioners from a wide range of fields and engaged them in intense conversations about issues regarding technology and education. Such conversations are rooted in participants’ personal experiences, driven by the problems they have overcome, and aimed at collaborative articulation of their design knowledge; knowledge of how to get things done. We call these workshops Collaborative Reflection Workshops.
2010 - 2011
ml4d - mobile learning for development
The ML4D initiative aims to engender a design-level discussion among practitioners in the field, in order to inform them of the challenges and potential solutions, and to facilitate rapid spread of critical design knowledge. Feb - Oct, 2010
E4 conferences - Engendering Empowerment: Education and Equality
(Team Member)
The E4 Engendering Empowerment: Education and Equality conferences speak to the goal of strengthening and expanding partnerships for girls’ education around the most pressing obstacles many girls face in pursuit of education.
12th April - 20th May 2010 
Designing Tangibles for Learning
This project investigates how different ways of linking together objects, environments and information affect the way that learners interact with and understand scientific ideas.
March 2008 - May 2010 (involved since Dec. 2009)
Enhancing learning and teaching by sharing practice in Technology Mediated Learning
(Consultant / facilitator)
The projects aims to share successful practice in the use of learning technologies across the College and to generate practical design solutions for Technology Mediated Learning (TML) that will enhance the student learning experience.
Dec. 2009 - June 2010
Portuguese national teachers portalPosition paper commissioned by Prof. João Filipe Matos, University of Lisbon, for the Portuguese ministry of education. Summer 2009
CoMo (Lead Researcher, PI: Niall Winters)A 1-year project funded by the Centre for Distance Education, investigating how collaborative learning activites in veterinary education can be enhanced through the use of mobile phones, and the contexts in which this occurs. The empirical work will be undertaken at the Royal Veterinary CollegeApril 2007- April 2008
 WebLabsThe WebLabs project (European Union, Grant # IST-2001-32200) directed by Professors Richard Noss and Celia Hoyles) explored the collaborative construction and communication of mathematical and scientific knowledge in communities of young learners (age 10-14), by designing new learning activities and the tools to support them.2002-2005