Learning Design Grid

http://www.ld-grid.org/ (currently hosted here)

Social and mobile technologies offer learners unprecedented opportunities to create, organise, share and access knowledge. Such technologies effect potent learning environments, yet these are constantly shifting with escalating complexity. In order for educators to effectively orchestrate learning within this landscape they need to perceive themselves, and indeed to be perceived by society, as techno-pedagogical designers.

The aim of this STELLER network of excellence theme team is to produce a concise, comprehensive and accessible set of resources which will empower educators and learners to participate in design discourse and practices in technology enhanced learning (TEL).

These resources will enable learners and educators to collaboratively reflect on their goals and constraints, characterise contexts of learning, and devise viable means of achieving their goals within these contexts and in light of the constraints.

The outputs of this effort will include:

  • An annotated mapping of representations of design knowledge in TEL (such as narratives, patterns and principles, scripts, scenarios, and sequences).

  • A review of existing banks of design resources and tools.

  • An articulation of effective and accessible practices and methodologies for use of the above representations, resources and tools in collaborative reflection on learning design.